"The most important reason or purpose for someone or something's existence..."

"...it's the sound of electricity, of control voltages pulsing and moving sound, of magnetic tape saturating and compressing; basslines enveloping and starving circuits crackling and distorting as they compete for power"

Born from an equal love of dystopian Electronica and subsonic sound systems, it is a fusion of all things Electro, aliasing the harshest of Industrial Minimalism with the sweetest Deep Dub: "with an obsession for progression, we look for meaning in the session..."

Finding joy in sculpting sonic highways, channelling from within, and without exception in an independently generative way by using the broadest of sonic palettes. To include everything from the hum of suburbia to the scream of a thousand galaxies colliding in our imaginations. 

This is, as the name suggests, a marriage; between the deepest of thoughts and the darkest corners of the human condition