An Introduction...

As a way of understanding what it is to use hardware in a musical context I have laid out a series of questions whereby the answers will go some way to explaining the concepts involved in using hardware to create and perform audio content in a musical context. 

What defines the term ‘musical instrument’? 

A ‘musical instrument’ is any sound creating device that its user feels able to use in a compositional manner to achieve something they feel has some emotional content. 

What is Hardware & what is Production? 

Hardware is a piece of physical equipment that can, in a musical context, be used either as a controller or as an instrument to create sound in the production of music. 

Production is the act of creating audio material and its integration within a bigger composition. 

How can I measure the quality of a performance or recording? 

I feel the quality of a performance is an entirely personal perception of a piece of music. You could say a good performance is one that produces a strong emotional reaction, or connection to that performance 

To what extent can the playback of recorded audio be considered a ‘live performance’? 

Playback of recorded material can be considered a live performance when the performer is manipulating it in some way that gives it a spontaneous feel, or is directing it in real time in a way that takes it in a different direction to its original format.

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