Entry 1...

Entry 1: 

I have started experimenting with ideas for sound creation, and what kinds of sound design I will need to do to achieve them. 

I have decided to create tracks that have quite a complex set of sounds, such as using complex LFO’s for modulating, and FM synthesis as a way of creating some foundation sounds. 

I will be using a Soma Lyra 8 synthesizer for this (fig1) as it uses both FM synthesis and also has a complex LFO in its modulation section. This will be coupled with using an Akai MPC sampler, as the Lyra can be very unpredictable, due to its modulation routing; and capturing the sounds in a sampler to then use for building a track will be a good way of achieving consistent results.
Fig 1 : Authors own image 

Part of using hardware to create music can be exploiting the ability of some equipment to produce results that could be considered as that piece of hardware ‘failing’, but yielding results that could be musically very useful. 

What tools do I personally have access to in order to explore the possibilities of ‘failure’? 

The tools I have chosen to explore the possibilities of ’failure’ are a Lyra 8 synthesizer, which is essentially an FM synthesizer, but it is configured to modulate its eight voices in a non-linear way that can create extremely chaotic results. 

I am also going to use a cassette recorder to process audio so I can achieve some audio that has a distinct characteristic. I can also overdrive its input to push the signal into saturation which will give some unique frequency responses.

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