Entry 2...

Entry 2: 

I have started creating material for my tracks, by using ‘No Input Mixing’, I recorded results achieved by feeding the signal produced by the mixing desk back into the Aux input and mixing this into the channel it has originated from (fig2). 

I then fed the output from a Drum machine into this feedback loop and also recorded these results.

Fig 2: Authors own image 

Interestingly I noticed that when feedback was achieved the ‘Low’, ‘Mid’ and High EQ controls responded differently to each other, with the feedback signal behaving rather like an LFO, with signal rate either increasing or decreasing depending on where the EQ was set-the Low, Mid and High EQ also varied this with different ratios; The ‘Low’ had the coarsest adjustment with the ‘High’ EQ having the finest adjustment rate. 

I have recorded the results from these sessions into Ableton for further processing later in the project.

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