Entry 3...

I have started to work on what hardware I will be using, and how it will be used, and have decided the workflow I will use to perform the final tracks will be: 

Marantz Pro PMD720 multitrack Track cassette recorder: Used to play the percussion parts I will make from various audio samples. 

This will be used in the same way as a drum machine would be: one percussion element per track, so it can be regarded as a sample-based drum machine. 

Erica/Ninja Tunes Zen Delay: This is a really powerful delay/VCF/Distortion unit that will be placed in the group send of my mixer, this will allow me to add it into any individual elements of the track. The filter is configured after the delay in the signal chain so the delay repeats can be manipulated after, and further to the original sound. 

Yamaha MG12 Analogue Mixer: 12 channel mixer with group out/sends that will be utilised in order to further process the audio. 

U-PHORIA UMC1820 24-Bit/192 kHz USB Audio/MIDI Interface with Midas Mic Preamplifiers: This Audio Interface has 10 audio outputs that will allow me to route out the audio I am sequencing within Ableton, it will be sent to individual inputs of the Yamaha analogue mixer; this can then be further sub-mixed within the mixer and various elements can be grouped together and sent to external hardware effects units via the mixers sends. 

Ableton Live 11 used in session view to sequence some of the audio I have created.

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