Entry 7...

Having put some thought into how I can give myself maximum performability, I have settled on a configuration that I feel incorporates Ableton as a powerful sample player that can be controlled via H.I.D devices that can be custom mapped to various parameters. 

The MIDI controller I have chosen to use as a H.I.D. is a ‘MIDI Fighter’ controller device. This device has ‘Arcade’ style buttons that can be used to launch clips within Ableton. 

I am going to use a drum rack for sample playback within this context, I feel it will interface well as the controller mirrors a drum rack’s layout with the 4x4 grid. 

Additionally the MIDI Fighter has a gyroscope device which means it can respond to tilt gestures and convert these into MIDI commands: this means further parameters can be mapped to these commands, such as tilt left/right= channel pan left/right, and tilt forwards/backwards= filter cutoff value change. See the attached demo video for more explanation: 

(DJ TechTools)

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